ChinaPower Microsite

Unpacking the complexity of Chinese power through data visualization and objective analysis

ChinaPower provides an in-depth understanding of the evolving nature of Chinese power relative to other countries. The project examines five interrelated categories of Chinese power: military, economics, technology, social, and international image.

Remote Visualization

China’s transformation from a developing economy into an emerging global power is likely to be one of the most consequential factors in twenty-first century international politics. Although discussions of China’s rise are commonplace, the nature of Chinese power is often poorly understood. Many aspects of Chinese power are exaggerated while others are understated. There are few available resources that aggregate and analyze data on Chinese power, leading to misunderstandings among policymakers, experts, and the general public.

ChinaPower fills this gap by posing interactive questions specifically developed to illuminate different elements of Chinese power, questions such as: How is China shaping the global economic order? How web-connected is China? How is China’s energy footprint changing? and How does China’s aircraft carrier stack up? The questions investigated by ChinaPower serve as access points for users to compare Chinese power with that of other countries through data presented in a novel and engaging format and interviews with experts in the field.

ChinaPower does not promote a particular point of view, nor does it advocate a specific conclusion regarding the trajectory or consequences of China’s rise. Through interacting with the questions developed on this site, ChinaPower empowers our users to draw their own conclusions.