U.S.-China Bilateral Relations

Analyzing the diplomatic, economic, military and security dynamics of US-China relations

The China Power Project aims to better understand the evolving, complex dynamics of U.S.-China relations. Our research includes diplomatic, economic, military, and security components of the bilateral relationship. Our scholars interact regularly with U.S. and foreign officials, academics, and the business communities in China and the United States. We devote special attention to identifying new areas for enhanced bilateral cooperation while also seeking to explore policy solutions to better manage the competitive aspects of the relationship. In partnership with the CSIS Asia teams, we analyze key factors shaping China’s emerging strategy in Asia and China’s views of the future regional security architecture. China Power Project staff write quarterly updates on U.S.-China relations for the Pacific Forum’s web journal, Comparative Connections, and contribute to the ever evolving discussion of U.S.-China relations regularly in other fora.