China Power Project

The China Power Project seeks to provide an in-depth understanding of the evolving nature of Chinese power relative to other nations

The China Power Project is committed to providing interactive visualizations and expert analysis in order to facilitate informed discussions of the complexities, capabilities, and potential outcomes of China’s rise.

The project examines five key areas of capabilities: military, economic, social, technology, and international image and engagement. Our team analyzes available data on Chinese capabilities, and provides expert analysis to contextualize facts and figures for our users.

The Project hopes to advance the understanding of China among policymakers, academics, students, businessmen, and others, helping to bridge the gap between research and policy communities in the U.S. and elsewhere. In so doing, this project aims to reduce uncertainty and promote a more common understanding of the metrics that are used to measure China’s rise, as well as the opportunities and challenges that China poses.

In addition to our work on Chinese power, our experts also conduct research on Chinese foreign and security policy with a focus on US-China relations, maritime security, Chinese foreign policy decision making, cross-Strait relations, China’s periphery diplomacy, and Taiwan-related foreign policy issues.

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