iDeas Lab Careers

You're going to want to work with our team.

We're looking for talented creative and technical professionals who have an interest in foreign policy and a strong desire to acquire new knowledge and skills. 

current openings

The CSIS iDeas Lab is currently looking for a highly motivated and creative self-starter to join our dynamic and fast-paced environment as an Associate Multimedia Producer. The producer will work closely with the department on a range of podcast series and video projects covering the spectrum of CSIS’ issue areas and supports the CSIS Journalism Bootcamp, partnering with some of the most respected foreign policy experts and researchers. This is an ideal opportunity for storytellers who are eager to bring complex policy issues to life through audio and video, possess strong editorial and communication skills, and who are innovation-driven.


Internship Opportunities

The CSIS iDeas Lab offers one full-time, six-month, paid multimedia internship opportunity. Interns work closely with our developers, designers, and producers on websites and digital reports, data visualizations, design (web/digital, editorial, graphic, and marketing), content management, videos, podcasts, and high-level photography projects which cover the spectrum of CSIS’ issue areas. The internship is structured to provide aspiring professionals with practical experience, enhance their skills, and add valuable content to their professional portfolios. Working closely with our team, interns are involved in the entire process from concept to final products.

While we don't currently have any available internship positions we encourage you to check again in June for the September-February internship opportunity.