Covid-19 Analysis from the Economics Program

The Economics Program at CSIS is closely watching the Covid-19 pandemic, the abrupt shock to the global economy, and responses to the crisis. We are actively tracking and cataloging different types of fiscal spending from Group of Twenty (G20) economies and consolidating responses from international financial institutions (IFIs). We are also releasing periodic analysis and commentary on U.S. and international efforts to mitigate the economic impact of the virus, including successes and failures of global coordination. We welcome your thoughts and questions at

Tracking the International Financial Institutions’ Response

As of March 31, 2021:

$1.7 trillion total institutional commitments
$262.4 billion total approved

May 04, 2021 Analysis
January 25 Analysis
November 24 Analysis
October 23 Analysis
September 21 Analysis
August 24 Analysis
July 21 Analysis
June 26 Analysis
May 21 Analysis
May 04 Analysis
Downloadable Data (3/31/2021)

Analysis and Commentary