Climate Smart Foreign Policy

Climate change is a global phenomenon that requires a global response


CSIS developed a Center-wide initiative dedicated to the relationship between climate and foreign policy, unlocking new opportunities for the United States to lead and advance U.S. interests through international engagement.

Climate change is changing nearly all aspects of domestic and foreign policymaking from security to trade, development to global health; food security to energy; and nearly all multilateral and bilateral relationships. Climate change is an issue without boundaries and with far-reaching effects. A coordinated global response will strengthen our collective capacity to respond to these challenges.

CSIS created a new platform for leadership on climate change through a coordinated, robust workstream. This work produced a series of workshops and reports on trade, security, data, foreign policy, and energy with recommendations for policymakers worldwide. 

Theories of Change:  This podcast from the CSIS Energy Security and Climate Change Program features conversations with global experts to discuss their Theories of Change and what they think are the most necessary near-term steps and longer-term strategies to ensure a manageable climate for future generations.  Check out the premiere below:

This project was made possible by support from the Hewlett Foundation.