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Climate Change and the National and Corporate Interest

Examining climate action through the corporate and national lenses
While the challenges of dealing with climate change are often assumed to be similar worldwide, the approach that each country takes is highly dependent on their overall development status, their political economy, governance structure, existing natural resources, and a variety of other factors. The diverse array of pledges made as part of the Paris Climate Agreement makes it clear that each country has a different approach to its own climate strategy and yet, each feels that tackling the challenge of climate change is firmly rooted in its own interest.

Generally, companies are similarly oriented—beyond near-term efforts to improve efficiencies and reduce emissions, various companies are positioning themselves to be competitive in a lower-carbon future.  Many companies have already accepted the inevitable transition to a lower-carbon future and have adapted their strategies in response.

The Energy & National Security Program’s Climate Change and the National and Corporate Interest will host speakers to foster insightful discussions about a variety of corporate and country perspectives on the costs and benefits of their climate strategies and why those actions are in their interest.