North American Oil and Gas Infrastructure

A working group to address current and planned energy infrastructure in North America and the regulations and policies that will shape this infrastructure.

The North American energy landscape is shifting in significant ways.  The development of abundant tight oil and unconventional natural gas resources creates an historic opportunity to enhance economic growth throughout North America and improve the region’s competitiveness in global markets.  However, the development of these resources, along with shifting demand needs, necessitates an expansion of the energy infrastructure and a re-evaluation of North America’s place in the global energy market. This transformation in physical infrastructure is well underway but by its very nature, lags behind the rapid development of the resource base.  The ability to smooth this transformation will play a critical role in capturing the possible benefits from the development of the expanding resource base.

To help understand the challenges to this transformation, the CSIS Energy Security and Climate Change Program has convened a working group for a review of the current and planned energy infrastructure, as well as the regulations and policies that will shape this infrastructure. The ultimate goal of this project is to help decision makers in government and industry chart a safe, smart, and efficient path forward to utilize these resources. Issues to be covered include: refining, midstream transportation, exports, natural gas liquids, product demand. For more information, please contact the Energy Program at