Nuclear Initiatives

Past Energy Security and Climate Change Program Nuclear Projects


Global Nuclear Materials Management project

The future of nuclear energy, materials, and weapons poses an urgent challenge to policymakers. To address this concern, the CSIS Energy Program coordinated the Global Nuclear Materials Management project. Phase I was an international conference chaired by Sam Nunn, former senator and chair of the CSIS Board of Trustees, held on December 4, 1998. The conference featured national and international experts who concluded that the current policies are inadequate for solving the new international security challenges.  In response to this conclusion, Phase II of Global Nuclear Materials Management created recommendations for policymakers. These findings and recommendations were released publicly at a one-day international policy forum on July 22, 1999.  The findings of this phase were published in the report, Managing the Global Nuclear Materials Threat.

Nuclear Regulatory Process Review

In 1998-1999, the CSIS Energy Program conducted a project on Nuclear Regulatory has worked with members of the nuclear community to review the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's (NRC) regulatory process for commercial nuclear reactors and its internal efforts to improve this process. The conclusions and recommendations of this project are now available in the final report:  Regulatory Process for Nuclear Power Reactors: A Review.