Producing Nations Series

The Producing Nations Series is a forum for experts to discuss and deliver timely analyses of developments in the world's key oil- and gas-producing countries.

The Energy and National Security Program frequently uses the Producing Nations Series as a forum to host experts to discuss and deliver analyses of timely developments in the world's key oil and gas producing countries.

Discussion with Steve LeVine, author of The Oil and the Glory
October 25, 2007

Energy and Security Issues: Perspectives on China, India and Iran
July 12, 2007

Saskatchewan's Contribution to U.S. Energy Security
June 20, 2007

A Discussion on Iraq’s Draft Hydrocarbon Law with Tariq E. Shafiq
June 12, 2007

Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy
March 28, 2007

Saudi Arabia’s Strategic Energy Initiative: Safeguarding Against Supply Disruptions

November 9, 2006

Iran's Energy Equation
June 27, 2006

Briefing with Abdullatif A. Al-Othman, Saudi Aramco
June 22, 2006

Canadian Oil Sands
June 6, 2006

How Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline Fits into the World
May 8, 2006

The U.S.-Saudi Energy Dialogue: Meeting Future Energy Challenges
May 1, 2006