Regional Analysis: Past Projects

Past Energy and National Security Projects that address a wide variety of regional energy issues.

Producing Nations Series

The Producing Nations Series is a forum to host experts to discuss and deliver analyses of timely developments in the world's key oil and gas producing countries. Read more

China Energy Future

The CSIS China Energy Future Project was a comprehensive analysis of how China is trying and will continue to try to meet its ever-growing energy needs. China’s expanding economy requires increasing oil volumes. With tighter world oil production and higher oil prices, China appears in the world oil market as a key player with the potential to reorganize the market through new alliances and the setting of new rules. Read more
Caspian Energy Project
Foreign investor development of oil production in the Caspian Sea cannot proceed unless and until the means for moving this oil to markets are in place. Final route selection will reflect political considerations as much as economic justification. Foreign governments and private sectors alike are following the pipeline route selection negotiations with great interest. For interested parties to be able to make informed judgments, a clear understanding of all the issues on the table is essential. Unfortunately, the reliability of available information does not always match its abundance. Read more