Energy Futures Forum

Global Focus, Strategic Insights

The Purpose

The Energy Futures Forum (EFF) is a project that aims to identify and elaborate upon medium-term (8-10 year) issues and trends in the energy sector and explain their potential impact on investment, policy, and markets. Through EFF, the Energy Security and Climate Change Program hopes to improve the quality of energy policy and commercial decisionmaking.

The Concept

The energy world is made up of a variety of competing perspectives. This competitive dynamic is shaped by commercial, geopolitical, environmental, economic, and security drivers, producing a complex and ever-changing set of circumstances that must be navigated on a near-constant basis.

All of this dynamism, perspectives, and analysis make forecasting energy futures both difficult and extremely necessary. Increasingly, however, the world is divided into groups that engage in long-range energy forecasting coupled with near-term strategizing. Very few forecasts seek to identify issues just on the horizon – not far enough away to simply monitor, nor concrete enough to address head-on. These medium-term issues are often the trickiest to capture, and the ones for which people are least prepared.

The Energy Futures Forum is designed to address these medium-term energy and geopolitical issues that are so difficult to anticipate and plan against. The Forum brings market- and policy-minded participants together to discuss the evolution of emerging energy issues and to provide strategic insights to grasp and manage these issues.

The Energy Futures Forum is made possible with support from Chevron, the Sloan Foundation, and general support to the CSIS Energy Security and Climate Change Program.



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