Energy Rewired

Studying how big bets on energy technologies will rewire the world’s energy map

The Energy Security and Climate Change Program launched Energy Rewired to study the industrial strategies of major economies for the energy transition. The goal is to understand which countries are making big bets on emerging technologies—and to map the consequences for geopolitics and the energy transition.

At the country level, the relevant research questions are:

  • What is the country’s vision?
  • What is the strategy?
  • What is the geographic focus?

Higher order questions also arise: which countries might pull ahead? What can countries learn from one another to develop new technologies? Could trade wars emerge from these industrial strategies? Are there other conflicts or tensions that policymakers should track (e.g., human rights, environmental degradation, corruption, waste, etc.)? How can the United States and its partners safeguard their interests in this world?

Energy Rewired is an answer to these questions and an exploration of how these technologies will rewire the world’s energy map.

This project is made possible by support from the Hewlett Foundation and general support to CSIS and the CSIS Energy Security & Climate Change Program.