Just Transition Initiative

Solutions to Secure an Inclusive and Sustainable Future

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To address the challenges of climate change, countries will continue to transition away from emissions-intensive energy sources and take steps to build more resilient communities and economies.  The importance of achieving a just transition in the face of this transformational change has grown in recent years as both the disruptive impacts of a changing climate and the scope and scale of the necessary transformation come more clearly into focus.  Despite the growing recognition of its importance, very few resources are available to countries, investors, civil society, and international development institutions seeking to achieve a just transition.

About the Project

The Just Transition Initiative is a new partnership project developed by the CSIS Energy Security & Climate Change Program and the Climate Investment Funds (CIF) to investigate how to achieve a just transition through the transformational change necessary to address climate change.
The collaborative effort will

  • conduct a systematic analysis of the various understandings and components of a just transition;
  • conduct case studies to inform best practices; and
  • foster a community of stakeholders and scholars engaging in this space.

The objective is to create a public platform of resources and guidance for a just transition in the context of climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts.  
This multi-year project will create policy recommendations and strategies informed by case study analysis, consultations, and literature review.  It will also identify the variances and gaps—in both the conceptual and practical understanding—of a just transition and facilitate knowledge sharing and partnerships among stakeholders and scholars.
This project is made possible by support from Climate Investment Funds.