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Our team provides the analysis leaders need to build energy security, address global climate change, and alleviate energy injustice.

We provide innovative, strategic insights and policy solutions by examining energy issues at the intersection of geopolitics, policy, markets, and development. Collaborating with leaders in government, industry, academia, and civil society, our team develops projects to help decisionmakers design smart energy policies that balance economic, environmental, and security priorities. 

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Meet our network of experts, staff, and non-resident affiliates who contribute to the Energy Security and Climate Change Program's analysis.

Photo: STR/AFP/Getty Images

Photo: STR/AFP/Getty Images

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Photo: Gorodenkoff/Adobe Stock

Photo: Gorodenkoff/Adobe Stock

Energy Considerations at the Dawn of Strategic Manufacturing

A new era of U.S. industrial policy centering national security and economic development comes with an unknown energy bill, leaving questions about how and if the U.S. power system can meet these ambitions. 

Commentary by Cy McGeady, Hatley Post, and Jane Nakano — April 19, 2024

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