EU-U.S. Dialogue for the Asia-Pacific Region

Creating an enduring consultative mechanism for EU-U.S. cooperation in the Asia Pacific

The EU-U.S. Dialogue for the Asia-Pacific Region (EUDAP) at CSIS seeks to develop a new collaborative mechanism to enhance transatlantic Asia-Pacific policy coordination and understanding. The project offers innovative recommendations to strengthen EU-U.S. cooperation and provides regular, high level policy discussions on the Asia Pacific organized in close consultation with the EU Delegation in Washington.

The EUDAP promotes the timely exchange of relevant perspectives and provides actionable policy recommendations to develop a strengthened transatlantic approach to the Asia Pacific. It also facilitates deeper understanding among European and U.S. policymakers, analysts, and private sector leaders of their shared interests in the Asia Pacific.

The EUDAP consists of three components:

  1. A CSIS quarterly breakfast series for EU ambassadors in Washington. This series focuses on the most salient political, economic, and security issues in the Asia Pacific.
  2. Public events to highlight EU-U.S. cooperation in the Asia Pacific by bringing together senior EU and U.S. officials to examine critical policy areas where common approaches should be developed.
  3. Expanded coverage of developments and recommendations impacting EU-U.S. cooperation in the Asia Pacific on the CSIS Asia policy blog, cogitASIA, through CSIS Commentaries and Critical Questions, and via online interviews with senior EU, U.S., and Asia-Pacific officials and experts. Relevant publications and multimedia are collected on this page.