European Foreign Policy

The Europe Program monitors developments in the foreign policies of European countries and the European Union as they take shape following the structural changes of the Lisbon Treaty


European foreign policy plays a vital role in global security issues from peacekeeping missions to development work. Individual European countries have long-standing security and diplomatic institutions, but the structure and function of EU foreign policy mechanisms remain in flux. The CSIS Europe Program tracks developments in EU foreign affairs and institutional capabilities in order to produce analysis on implications for U.S. interests abroad.


In addition to regular meetings with European embassy staff and visiting EU officials on a range of global issues, the CSIS Europe Program conducts project-specific research. Current work includes:

Transatlantic Methods for Handling Global Challenges in the European Union and United States

The CSIS Europe Program is assessing U.S. and European strategic review models as a structural component of common approaches to transatlantic security challenges.

More information on this project is available on our Transatlantic Security page.