Transatlantic Security

The Europe Program provides analysis and policy recommendations on issues challenging 21st-century transatlantic security


A strong transatlantic partnership is essential to successful foreign policy implementation for the United States and its European partners. Policymakers on both sides of the Atlantic better serve their own national defense and security agendas when their national strategies are mindful of transatlantic interests and values. The CSIS Europe Program is committed to facilitating a better understanding of this important relationship and its global impact for policymakers in Washington, Brussels, and beyond.


In addition to regular meetings with senior European officials and frequent interaction with European embassy staff on a range of global issues, the CSIS Europe Program conducts project-specific research. Current work includes:

Transatlantic Methods for Handling Global Challenges in the European Union and United States

The CSIS Europe Program is assessing U.S. and European strategic review models as a structural component of common approaches to transatlantic security challenges. This project is conducted in collaboration with:

CSIS Partners:

International Partners:

Report: EU-U.S. Security Strategies: Comparative Scenarios and Recommendations