European elections saw upheavals in 2020 as the Covid-19 pandemic delayed several polls and yielded surprising results in others, for example in Slovakia. In 2021, some high-visibility parliamentary elections are set to take place in the Netherlands, Germany, and Russia. The era of Angela Merkel as German Chancellor is coming to an end, which will have important implications for the European Union. In Bulgaria, recent corruption scandals related to the ruling party prompted protests that could have an impact on the results. Finally, in Kosovo, a snap election after prolonged political instability could see the nationalist party come to power for the first time. The consequences will continue to affect the unity and stability of the European Union and the transatlantic relationship. The CSIS Europe, Russia, and Eurasia Program provides the Election Watch platform to walk readers through these complex political times in Europe, with a collection of factsheets and analysis that presents the most salient campaign issues and highlights why and how these elections will impact U.S. interests.