Europe, Russia, and Eurasia Program

The Europe, Russia, and Eurasia program produces forward-looking analyses on transatlantic relations and political developments across Europe, Eurasia, and Turkey

The Europe, Russia, and Eurasia Program’s work seeks to develop a deeper understanding of Europe’s political, security, and economic evolution and its future role in the world; geopolitical developments in the circumpolar Arctic; the implications of Russia’s foreign and defense policies for transatlantic security; and political and economic developments in Russia and Eurasia.

The Europe, Russia, and Eurasia Program is also host to the Lillan and Robert D. Stuart Jr. Center in Euro-Atlantic and Northern European Studies, launched in 2016 in honor of the life and achievements of the late Robert D. Stuart Jr., former U.S. Ambassador to Norway. Research and analysis by the Stuart Center focuses on the changing geopolitical dynamics and trends in Northern Europe and the Arctic. The Center specifically looks at developing a greater understanding of Northern Europe’s political, security, economic, and energy developments with a strong focus on the regional implications of a rapidly changing Arctic; revitalizing NATO’s collective defense and security cooperation role in Northern Europe; and strengthening the Euro-Atlantic partnership as a whole.

The program’s work in recent years has focused heavily on Russian and Chinese influence across Europe, developments in the Western Balkans region, NATO’s forward-looking agenda with a focus on Northern Europe, Russia’s military and political evolution amid serious environmental changes, the transatlantic digital agenda, and post-Brexit dynamics in Europe and for the U.S.-UK defense relationship.

The program has a long track record of engaging in a thoughtful transatlantic dialogue by bringing together top-level policymakers, analysts, and thought leaders from Europe, Eurasia, and the United States. These candid and insightful dialogues have made the Europe, Russia, and Eurasia Program a leading forum in Washington for the immediate and long-range challenges facing the United States and its European allies.

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Photo: MAXIME POPOV/AFP via Getty Images

Photo: MAXIME POPOV/AFP via Getty Images

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