The Global Aging Forum

This program is no longer active.

Global aging ranks as the most profound demographic trend of our times. It is slowing (or even reversing) population growth, reshaping families, reshuffling consumer markets, force feeding the demand for health care, weighing on public budgets, depressing household savings, accelerating international migration, and revolutionizing the culture. Even today's "clash of civilizations" can be regarded as a "clash of ages," pitting the dreams and ambitions of younger societies against those of the rapidly aging developed world.

The Global Aging Forum is a members-only roundtable where sponsors and select experts from the worlds of business, policy, and government meet periodically at the Center for Strategic and International Studies to discuss the fiscal, economic, social, and geopolitical challenges arising from global aging. There is a brief presentation by a prominent policy or thought leader followed by an off-the-record discussion. Attendance is by invitation only and meetings are closed to the press.