Objectives of the Program on Governance

The objectives of the Hills Program are to identify serious governance problems in both the public and private spheres, develop a better understanding of the corrupting influences that create such problems, and organize efforts to reduce those influences. The program accomplishes these objectives by performing research, organizing events, and engaging in track II initiatives. The program also acts as the nodal hub for the other six Hills Centers on Governance in academic institutions around the globe—the Philippines, Mexico, Kenya, China, Indonesia, and South Korea—that appreciate the need to better understand the corrupting influences of their respective regions, to undertake efforts to reduce those influences, and to help establish good governance.  It does so by providing strategic guidance and programmatic support for their activities. We also encourage academic institutions to broaden their curricula to recognize that effective efforts to reduce corruption entails a far broader approach than just law enforcement. Courses in political science, sociology, economics, and international relations are at least as important in that fight as are those in law.