Remembering Roderick M. Hills

This program is no longer active.

CSIS mourns the loss of Roderick M. Hills, chairman of the Hills Program on Governance at CSIS. As chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) from 1975 to 1977, Rod Hills saw directly the damage caused by poor governance and corruption in the private sector, and he was determined to do something to address those problems. With his wife Carla, he founded the Hills Program on Governance at CSIS in 2003 and remained its chairman until his recent death. Under his direction, the Hills Program nurtured the creation of six other networked centers, in China, Indonesia, Kenya, the Philippines, Mexico, and South Korea. CSIS was the hub of that network, and Rod was intimately engaged with its activities, here and at the sister centers. A study on recommended reforms of the SEC was in the works at the time of his death and will continue in his honor and memory.