Open Dialogue Initiative

Fostering meaningful participation in CSIS’s work by current experts and future leaders who bring unique perspectives to national security and foreign policy challenges

This program is no longer active.

CSIS was founded on the premise that no lasting policy solution is possible without bipartisan support, and the spirit of working across dividing lines remains a pillar of our work.  But growing polarization has narrowed the space for agreement and collaboration.  Lack of access to—and even hostility toward—different opinions and perspectives weakens our country’s ability to make strategic, informed, and effective decisions.  The Open Dialogue Initiative aims to bridge critical divisions that directly impact U.S. national security and foreign policy interests.

This pilot Initiative includes the Diversity and Leadership in International Affairs Project.

Leveraging Diversity for Global Leadership

This report reviews the business case for diversity made in the corporate sector and outlines a business case for diversity in national security agencies and U.S. international affairs think tanks. It also presents available information on both general workforce diversity and senior workforce diversity in both sectors; emphasizes the need to focus on talent management programs to increase diversity at the senior ranks; reviews selected corporate best practices for leadership diversity; and provides recommendations.