Project in Southeast European Studies

Leading research on regional, political, security, economic, and business issues affecting U.S.–Southeast European relations

This program is no longer active.

The Project in Southeast European Studies, established at CSIS in early 2009, serves a leading role in advancing the international policy discourse at CSIS and among its external constituencies in Washington, D.C., including the executive and legislative branches of the U.S. government and the U.S. policy, academic, NGO, and business communities.

The Project in Southeast European Studies:

  • Strengthens U.S.-Southeast European relations by providing the Washington community with a greater understanding of the region.
  • Enhances the scope and impact of the CSIS New European Democracies/Europe programs.
  • Educates the Washington policymaking and European diplomatic community on issues impacting the region through a range of public events and publications.
  • Generates recommendations for U.S. policy toward the Southeast European region.

Janusz Bugajski serves as the inaugural chair holder. Bugajski has extensive knowledge of the challenges and opportunities facing individual states and the region as a whole, and is one of the foremost Balkan analysts in Washington.


Program Launch

The Project in Southeast European Studies was launched formally in Athens on December 8 by CSIS Trustee and Counselor Zbigniew Brzezinski.