Smart Power in Space

Smart Power through Space explores the role that space can have in strengthening national and international security

This program is no longer active.

In 2006, CSIS launched a bipartisan Commission on Smart Power to develop a vision to guide America's global engagement. A 2007 report by the Commission entitled "A Smarter, More Secure America" lays out findings and a discrete set of recommendations for how the next president of the United States, regardless of political party, can implement a smart power strategy.

The United States must become a smarter power by once again investing in the global good- providing things people and governments in all quarters of the world want but cannot attain in the absence of American leadership. Specifically, the United States should focus on five critical areas:

  • Alliances, Partnerships and Instituations
  • Global Development
  • Public Diplomacy
  • Economic Integration
  • Technology and Innovation

A Smarter, More Secure America - Commission on Smart Power