Transatlantic Media Network

The Transatlantic Media Network promotes excellence in journalism through the development of an expanding network of media representatives from both sides of the Atlantic for the exchange of journalistic resources and mutual professional support

This program is no longer active.

The transatlantic relationship is changing more rapidly and more profoundly than at any time since World War II, with huge consequences for how the world will be run in the twenty-first century. A continuing challenge facing the media is to supply the high-quality coverage of political, economic, security, social, and cultural developments on both sides of the Atlantic needed to map a constructive future for U.S.-European relations and to promote wider awareness and understanding of transatlantic issues.

To provide a resource and support network for journalists covering transatlantic affairs, the Center for Strategic and International Studies established a Transatlantic Media Network (TMN) with close ties to European and American media organizations and institutions. A principal goal is to create a network of journalists, media groups, journalism schools, and policymakers in Europe and the United States to stimulate interest in the transatlantic relationship, the international consequences of European integration, and changing U.S. world views.

The TMN aims to help editors and reporters keep abreast of events and ideas on either side of the Atlantic by organizing numerous activities, including conferences, visiting fellowships, working groups, studies, an Internet forum, journalistic exchanges, and other communicational activities such as the publication of handbooks for foreign correspondents. The TMN is led by Reginald Dale, a former senior editor, foreign correspondent, and columnist for London's Financial Times and the International Herald Tribune, with long experience of covering transatlantic affairs, now a senior fellow at CSIS.



  • Conferences, meetings, and working groups on media issues, for American, European, and other interested journalists in both Europe and the United States.
  • Visiting fellowships for European journalists in the United States
  • A growing support network of journalists with an interest in transatlantic affairs and foreign correspondents in Europe and the United States
  • Comparative studies of media coverage on either side of the Atlantic
  • Development of information and guidance for foreign correspondents covering the United States and American journalists in Europe