Transatlantic Media Fellowships

This program is no longer active.

TMN offers visiting fellowships allowing individual European journalists to spend up to three months in the United States to develop and expand their knowledge of America. Fellows spend two weeks at CSIS in Washington, and then travel around the country, with extensive opportunities to meet a wide range of Americans. Fellows usually visit a number of the TMN's partner institutions (universities, colleges, and schools of journalism) in different parts of America. They may be asked to give talks or attend classes at these institutions.

The aim is not to enable journalists to engage in daily news coverage, but rather to help them gain insights into the diverse attitudes of Americans and the ways these attitudes influence the formation of American social and political viewpoints. The fellowships are not intended to finance reporting trips, although most fellows engage in journalistic activities, such as writing blogs or features, while they are on the road.

Fellows operate with complete editorial independence and are entirely free to draw their own conclusions about America and Americans in the light of their travels and experiences. Alumni of the program join the expanding TMN network of journalists with an interest in U.S., European, and transatlantic issues. The program covers all costs of the fellowships, which are usually awarded to journalists with little previous direct experience of the United States.

These fellowships are made possible by a generous grant from The Marcus Wallenberg Foundation for Advanced Education in International Industrial Entrepreneurship. The Foundation plays no role in selecting fellows and does not seek to influence their journalistic activities.