Arnaud de Borchgrave Dialogue

The CSIS Arnaud de Borchgrave Transnational Threats Dialogue, established in 2015, features a yearly in-depth conversation on terrorism, insurgency, and organized crime with one Western expert and one specialist from an area impacted by these issues. The Dialogue enhances the CSIS TNT research agenda, expands public outreach, engages key government audiences, and memorializes Arnaud de Borchgrave’s role in bringing knowledge to the world.

In 25 years at CSIS, and more than 65 years of ground-breaking journalism as Chief Foreign Correspondent for Newsweek, Editor-in-Chief of The Washington Times, and President and CEO of UPI, Arnaud de Borchgrave shed light on a range of transnational threats. His passion for providing field-based perspectives on such problems is at the core of the CSIS TNT Project.

This lecture series engages and informs government officials, the public, private sector, media, and all concerned with these core national security threats. The ultimate goal is to enhance United States Government counterterrorism and transnational threats policies and actions.