TNT Podcasts

This program is no longer active.

In this CSIS podcast, Olya sits down with Tom Sanderson, director of the Transnational Threats Project at CSIS, to discuss a recent joint study from our two programs on the phenomenon of Russian-speaking foreign fighters in Iraq and Syria. They talk about what makes Russian and Central Asian foreign fighters unique—and what doesn’t; the scale of their involvement in Iraq and Syria and which routes they take to the battlefield; the political, economic, and cultural contexts in which these fighters become radicalized—both at home and abroad; and the challenge of what happens when those fighters come back.

In this CSIS podcast, TNT Director and Senior Fellow Tom Sanderson interviews Matt Trevithick, the co-founder and director of research at SREO Research, an NGO based in Turkey, which analyzes aid effectiveness for the United Nations, the World Food Programme, and more than a dozen NGOs involved in the regional refugee humanitarian response. Matt was the “surprise prisoner” released on January 16th of this year from Iran’s notorious Evin prison – after being held for 41 days. Tom and Matt discuss his experience in Iran, recent events in Turkey and Syria, and advice for those interested in working in the field.

A Conversation with Dick Schoof, Counterterrorism Coordinator for the Netherlands

In this CSIS Podcast, TNT Director and Senior Fellow Tom Sanderson interviews Dick Schoof, Counterterrorism Coordinator for the Netherlands, on coming changes to counterterrorism strategy in the EU – including an increased push for information sharing and interoperability. This podcast preceded an event with Mr. Schoof and General (Ret.) Frank Taylor, Undersecretary for Intelligence and Analysis at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, which can be found here.