Project Chair: William H. Webster
Project Director: Arnaud de Borchgrave
Task Force Chair: Robert Perito, DoJ
Task Force Director: Frank J. Cilluffo, CSIS
Task Force Assistant: Stephanie M. Lanz, CSIS

The task force on Asian organized crime will provide information on an aspect of international organized crime which has received limited attention from the U.S. media and which is little understood by the general public and Congress. The task force has mapped out "terms of reference," focusing on issues such as Illegal immigration, illegal drug smuggling, illegal technology theft and commercial espionage, and illegal trade practices. It has also identified the principal organized crime groups including mainland Chinese criminal societies and the triads in Hong Kong and Taiwan, the Japanes Boryokudan (Yakuza), the Korean criminal organizations, the Vietnamese gangs, and the narco-insurgent groups in the Golden Triangle (approximately 58% of all heroin seized in the U.S. is produced in the Golden Triangle).

Asian Organized Crime Task Force Membership
Steven Flynn, U.S. Coast Guard

Cordell Hart, Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
Jim Puleo, U.S. Department of State
Ken Counts, Federal Bureau of Investigation
Tom Rynne, Defense Intelligence Agency
John Brennan, U.S. Department of State
Beth Trites, U.S. Department of State
William T. Warner
David Kaplan, Independent Journalist & Author