China's Domestic Challenges

As part of the CSIS-Institute of International Economics (IIE) joint multiyear project, the Freeman Chair examines the social and political changes that have accompanied China’s economic transformation and the challenges modernization poses for the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Unique in its methodology, the project utilizes English- and Chinese-language sources, personal interviews, and on-the-ground research to furnish policymakers, opinion leaders, and the interested public with authoritative, balanced, and comprehensive information on China’s transformation. The two think tanks have published China: The Balance Sheet, the flagship publication of this project, which provides the public and policymakers alike with objective and accessible analysis necessary to have an informed debate and intelligent policy response to the challenge of China’s rise. The project has also launched a comprehensive Web site containing one-page summaries, relevant resources, and details about the contributors and the project.

The major domestic issues to be analyzed over the coming years in a series of reports, journal articles and conferences are described below:

  • Political Reform and the Future of the Chinese Communist Party
  • Corruption and Localized Unrest
  • Human Rights and Religious Freedom
  • Demographic Challenges
  • Social Policy:  Education, Health, and the Social Safety Net
  • Environmental Issues
  • China’s Legal Reform
The China we will face in five to ten years' time will be fundamentally shaped by the outcomes of the dramatic political, economic, and social transformations unfolding in that country today. The better we understand these transitions today, the better off we will be in engaging China tomorrow.—Remarks by Bates Gill for the conference, "China in Transition: A Look Behind the Scenes"
September 25, 2002