China Reality Check

The China Reality Check Series presents perspectives from academia, industry, and government in order to promote a sustained dialogue on critical and insufficiently understood issues related to China's reemergence as a global power

The Freeman Chair’s China Reality Check Series aims to provide expert analysis of and strategic policy recommendations on a wide of range of topics related to Chinese domestic politics, foreign policy, and security including but not limited to:

  • China’s leadership dynamics and implementation of China’s domestic reform agenda;
  • China’s military modernization and maritime strategy;
  • Cooperation and points of contention in the U.S.-China relationship; and
  • China’s regional and global economic, security, and diplomatic initiatives.

In addition to subjects of current topical interest, the series seeks to step back and take a more in-depth look at China themes that are controversial, poorly understood, or that simply have not received sufficient attention in the constant churn of commentary surrounding China’s rise.

This event is made possible through generous support from the Duquesne Family Foundation and Kaye Family Foundation.