U.S.-China Strategic Nuclear Dynamics

This project analyzes the U.S.-China strategic nuclear dynamic and seeks to complement official U.S.-China dialogue on strategic matters. Research focuses on the changing nuclear relationship between the United States and China. Recommendations are developed for clarifying intentions and introducing reassurance measures with the goal of enhancing strategic stability.

The project includes an annual track 1.5 dialogue between government and nongovernment specialists from the United States and China. The project was launched in 2004 in partnership with the CSIS Freeman Chair in China Studies and the Beijing-based China Foundation for International Strategic Studies (CFISS). In June 2006, CSIS, the Institute for Defense Analyses, and the RAND Corporation cohosted a conference in partnership with CFISS in Beijing.  The most recent conference was held in Beijing in June 2008, and additional information on this can be found on the 2008 U.S.-China Strategic Nuclear Dynamics Conference: Introduction & Key Findings Web page. Bonnie Glaser led the project.