Photo: LUIS TATO/AFP via Getty Images

The Climate Crisis

Climate change is upon us. Throughout the global South, it is raising ground and surface air temperatures, intensifying droughts, and radically disordering seasonal rainfall patterns. The emergent effects are redefining the viability of agricultural livelihoods for hundreds of millions of smallholder farmers, many of whom already live in precarious socioeconomic, political, and ecological circumstances.

Amid a mounting urgency to dramatically increase climate change mitigation and adaptation policies, American politics are mired in partisanship, illustrated most vividly in the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement in late 2019. Yet global food security is impossible without an integrated set of robust climate policies. This webpage collects the Global Food Security Program’s work towards such solutions. From expert panels with IPCC scientists and U.S. Senators to technical reports on climate-smart agriculture, it analyzes the global, regional, and country-level implications of climate change for places where food security is most vital and elusive.

Climate Change: Existential Threat

Adapting to a New Normal

Regional and Country Level Case Studies