Ukraine: The Human Price of War

The CSIS Commission on Strengthening America’s Health Security presents Ukraine: The Human Price of War, a short documentary series examining the shocking attack on the country and whether Russian President Vladimir Putin and his armed forces will continue their past behavior in Syria and Chechnya - targeting civilian populations and infrastructure - including the medical sector. Our exploration includes voices of Ukrainians on the ground and leading experts on security, humanitarian issues and international law. 
Ukraine: The Human Price of War is the fourth collaboration between CSIS Senior Vice President J. Stephen Morrison, and Peabody and Emmy award-winning journalist Justin Kenny (Small Footprint Films). Their first CSIS GHPC feature film, The New Barbarianism (2017), was awarded the Best Documentary prize at the LA Film Festival, aired on PBS, and was featured in the Christian Science Monitor, PBS NewsHour, and PBS’s Story in the Public Square.

Episode 4

At the three-month mark of Russia's invasion, Ukraine, while fragile and vulnerable, is surviving. In the face of a long and bloody war of attrition unfolding in the East and the South, as Russia blockades Ukraine's access to the Black Sea, the human toll for Ukraine's citizens is likely to worsen. Can massive Western assistance reach Ukraine in time to defeat Putin? Can the transatlantic alliance hold together under mounting stress? An exceptionally high volume of Russian attacks on healthcare persists, drawing the condemnation of the World Health Organization leadership. An historic moment in international justice may be emerging, when it is possible to bring Russian war criminals to justice.

The episode features Nick Schifrin, Foreign Affairs & Defense Correspondent at PBS Newshour; Derek Chollet, Counselor at the United States Department of State; Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization; Dr. Michael Ryan, Executive Director of the WHO Health Emergencies Programme; Jarno Habicht, WHO Representative in Ukraine at the World Health Organization; Oleksii Laramenko, Deputy Minister for European Integration at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine; Anzhela Moiseienko, Chairman of the Board at 100% Life Chernihiv Network; Apoorva Mandavilli, Reporter at the New York Times; Len Rubenstein, Director, Program on Human Rights, Health and Conflict and Author of Perilous Medicine (2021); Judyth Twigg, Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University; Max Bergmann, Director of the CSIS Europe Program; Seth G. Jones, CSIS Senior Vice President and Harold Brown Chair/Director of the CSIS International Security Program; and J. Stephen Morrison, CSIS Senior Vice President and Director of the CSIS Global Health Policy Center.

Episode 3

Russia's strategic failure to capture Kyiv fuels the rise in terror and atrocities against civilians. Mariupol and Bucha have become symbols of Russia’s barbarity, just as it has become clear that Putin and his commanders are committing war crimes. The second phase of the war has commenced: the campaign to lay waste to the southeast.
The episode features Susan Glasser, Staff Writer at The New Yorker; Dr. Anna Kukharuk, a pediatrician at the Zhytomyr Central Children's Hospital; Nick Schifrin, Foreign Affairs & Defense Correspondent at PBS Newshour; Dmytro Sherembei, Head of the Coordination Council at Ukraine’s 100% Life; Andriy Klepikov, Executive Director at the Alliance for Public Health in Ukraine; Marti Flacks, CSIS Khosravi Chair and CSIS Director of the Human Rights Initiative; Natasha Hall, CSIS Middle East Program Senior Fellow; Seth Jones, CSIS International Security Program Director and CSIS Senior Vice President; and J. Stephen Morrison, CSIS Senior Vice President and Director of the CSIS Global Health Policy Center.

Episode 2

The startling escalation of Russian military violence against Ukraine's medical system and civilian infrastructure has displaced over 7 million people, destroyed cities, and caused enormous civilian casualties. On days 19-22 of the invasion, David Miliband, Christina Wille, Alla Soroka-Krotova, Andriy Klepikov, Seth G. Jones, and J. Stephen Morrison dissect how Putin's decisions and the course of the war are driving towards ever high destruction of Ukrainian society, and may soon widen the war and cross boundaries.

Experts in security and global health are joined by leaders at the International Rescue Committee, Insecurity Insight, Alliance for Public Health, and Ukrainian Medical Club for the second episode of Ukraine: The Human Price of War.

Episode 1

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Russia has shown a pattern of indiscriminate violence in their past behavior in Syria and Chechnya, historically taking a "scorched earth" approach that targets civilian populations and medical infrastructure. On days 8 and 9 of the invasion, Seth G. Jones, Marti Flacks, Jacob Kurtzer, Leonard Rubenstein, and Alla Soroka-Krotova assess the rapid escalation of the war thus far and look forward to the dangerous days ahead.

Experts in international security, human rights, and global health are joined by the Ukrainian Medical Club's International Communication Director to open the first episode of Ukraine: The Human Price of War.