Executive Education

Practical, hands-on workshops for mid-to-senior level executives focused on the future

Tools of Tomorrow

Enhance your long-term planning toolkit through the Hess Center’s suite of hands-on courses powered by CSIS Executive Education:

Customized Programs

There are no off-the-shelf solutions to today’s complex challenges— it takes teamwork, tactical insights, technical expertise, and trusted partners. That’s why the Hess Center works with CSIS Executive Education to craft custom programs according to your organization’s unique needs and learning and development goals.

From preparing your organization for a shifting geopolitical landscape, to cultivating resilient leaders and strategic thinkers, the Hess Center provides executive teams, high-potential employees, membership groups, and business units with the scholarship, skills, and collaborative setting to tackle mission-critical issues together. Led by world-class experts and coaches, the Hess Center delivers in-person and virtual programming on:

  • Geopolitical trends, foresight, and risk analysis
  • Global and regional dynamics, and strategic industries
  • Critical skills in leadership and communication
  • Strategic planning and design thinking
  • Data analysis and visualization

Learn more about CSIS’s approach to custom programs or request a consultation with Eric Palomaa at epalomaa@csis.org.

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