Strong Public Support for Military Reform in Russia
Sarah Mendelson and Ted Gerber (University of Wisconsin-Madison) present their focus group and survey findings on public opinion of military reform in this PONARS Policy Memo (number 288). June 2003.

Moscow’s Military Malaise
Sarah Mendelson and Ted Gerber argue that the decline of Russia’s military poses a threat to both Russia’s own people and global anti-terrorism efforts in this article for the Financial Times. September 11, 2002.

U.S.-Russian Military Relations: Between Friend and Foe
Sarah Mendelson discusses U.S.-Russia relations before and after September 11th in this piece in The Washington Quarterly. Winter 2002.

Between Friend and Foe: U.S.-Russian Military Relations Ten Years after the End of the Cold War
Drawing on a series of interviews, Sarah Mendelson reviews what has and has not worked in U.S.-Russian military relations and suggests new programs such as a network of young military officers which would meet regularly, modeled after the PONARS program, in this paper for NCEEER. August 2001.
Paper available upon request.