Program Highlights

Listening to Young Russian Women

Sarah Mendelson and Ted Gerber (University of Wisconsin-Madison) launched a survey in spring 2008 of 2,004 women in Russia, age 16 to 34.  The survey explored a variety of issues including knowledge and experience with human trafficking.  More broadly, they sought through their survey to identify the prevalence, correlations, and consequences of gender-based harassment and discrimination among the younger generation of females in Russia.


Campaigns with Russian Human Rights Activists

As independent media and public political space are increasingly dominated by the government in Russia, scientific survey data have become increasingly important.

Since 2001, CSIS has overseen nine large, random-sample surveys and more than twenty focus groups in Russia. In a unique partnership with the leading Russian human rights organization Memorial, CSIS extended survey results to local activists to facilitate the growth of social marketing in the Russian human rights community.

These posters were part of a local campaign in Ryazan that resulted in 2,100 letters sent to the president and the minister of defense about the financial and human cost of the war in Chechnya.


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