Asia Division

A robust agenda of projects spanning the Asia-Pacific region


Northeast Asia

  • Assessing Contemporary China: The China Balance Sheet
  • U.S.-China Strategic Dialogue
  • Pursuing a Comprehensive Vision for the U.S.-ROK Alliance
  • East Asia Strategy Group
  • Dialogue among a New Generation on the Future of the U.S.-Japan Alliance
  • Cross-Strait Security Initiative

Southeast Asia and Australasia

  • CSIS Southeast Asia Initiative
  • CSIS/Lowy Dialogue

Executive Education Programs

  • Japanese Ministry of Defense
  • Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Taiwan Ministry of National Defense


  • Bridging Strategic Asia: The Rise of India in East Asia and the Implications for the U.S.-Japan Alliance

Past Projects

  • Korean-American Attitudes Toward and Impact on U.S.-Korea Policy
  • Congressional Attitudes and the Future of the U.S.-ROK Alliance
  • Cross-Strait Confidence Building Measures