Arms Control and International Security

International negotiations, agreements, and initiatives to reduce nuclear threats


CSIS Publications & Reports

Critical Questions: Banning Nuclear Weapons: What’s Next in New York?, by Sharon Squassoni; June 15, 2017

Report: Transparency: Nuclear Weapons and Fissile Material, by Sharon Squassoni; April 7, 2017

Critical Questions: Banning Nuclear Weapons, by Sharon Squassoni and Amelia Armitage; March 27, 2017

Critical Questions: Negotiations on a Nuclear Weapons Ban?, by Sharon Squassoni and Amelia Armitage; November 4, 2016

Policy Perspectives: Congress and the Iran Agreement: The Basics & The Myths, by Sharon Squassoni and Chris Coughlin, August 20, 2015

Critical Questions: A Few Highlights of "The Deal", by Sharon Squassoni; July 14, 2015

Critical Questions: Understanding the elements of an Iran nuclear deal, by Sharon Squassoni; July 13, 2015

Critical Questions: The 2015 NPT Review Conference, by Sharon Squassoni and Bobby Kim; May 18, 2015

Critical Questions: Iran Deal, by Sharon Squassoni; April 3, 2015

Critical Questions: Iran: A Deal by Any Other Name, by Sharon Squassoni; March 11, 2015

Report: Track-II Dialogue on Non-Strategic Nuclear Weapons, January 27, 2015

Critical Questions: The Prospects for Nonproliferation in 2013, by Sharon Squassoni; Jan 25, 2013

Critical Questions: A New START for a New Year?, by Sharon Squassoni; Dec 20, 2010

Critical Questions: The New START Agreement: The Ratification Fight, by Sharon Squassoni and Robert Golan-Vilella; Jul 12, 2010

Critical Questions: The New START Agreement, by Sharon Squassoni and Jane Kaminski; Apr 12, 2010

Critical Questions: Nuclear Posture Review, by Sharon Squassoni; Apr 7, 2010

Other Publications

Talk is cheap: Washington attends the humanitarian initiative on nuclear weapons impacts
By Sharon Squassoni, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 5 December 2014