Current WMD Threats & Responses

Examining the most immediate nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons threats


62nd Pugwash Conference: North East Asian Security in Astana, Kazakhstan; Event, August 26, 2017

Securing a Future for the CTBT: Science and Diplomacy Event, May 11, 2017

Chemical Safety and Security: TSCA Legislation and Terrorist Attacks; July 27, 2015

Destroying Syria's Chemical Weapons: One Year Later; September 10, 2014 

Syria’s Chemical Weapons Disarmament; Interview with Cindy Vestergaard; November 6, 2013

10th Anniversary of the Proliferation Security Initiative; Event; July 9, 2013

A Conversation with Director General Ahmet Uzumcu; Event; May 23, 2013 

Dealing with a Nuclear Iran; Event, Late Morning Session; February 7, 2013

North Korea’s Missile Launch; Interview with Dr. David Wright; April 24, 2012

North Korea and the U.S. Nuclear Umbrella; Event; September 2, 2010

CSIS Publications & Reports

Critical Questions: The Latest North Korean Nuclear Test, by Sharon Squassoni; September 7, 2017

Critical Questions: Reinforcing International Norms against Nuclear Testing, by Sharon Squassoni and Amelia Armitage; September 23, 2016​

Critical Questions: Fifth DPRK Nuclear Test, by Sharon Squassoni and Amelia Armitage; September 9, 2016

Critical Questions: Additional Sanctions on North Korea, by Sharon Squassoni and Amelia Armitage; March 2, 2016

Critical Questions: Another North Korean Nuclear Test, by Sharon Squassoni; January 6, 2016

Critical Questions: Nuclear Smuggling: From Moldova to ISIS?, by Sharon Squassoni and Amelia Armitage; October 9, 2015

Report: A New Approach to the Nuclear Fuel Cycle, by Kelsey Hartigan, Corey Hinderstein, Andrew Newman and Sharon Squassoni; March 12, 2015 

Critical Questions: Syria's Chemical Weapons Destruction: It Takes a Flotilla, by Sharon Squassoni and Bobby Kim; Jan 13, 2014

Commentary: How Should We Address Nuclear Risks in Asia; Part of the Global Forecast 2014, by Sharon Squassoni; Nov 13, 2013

Commentary: A Syrian Semi–Solution, by Sharon Squassoni; Sep 11, 2013

Policy Perspectives: A Chemical Weapons–Free Middle East, by Cindy Vestergaard; May 21, 2013

Event Report: Dealing with a Nuclear Iran - Redlines and Deadlines, by Sharon Squassoni; Mar 22, 2013

Critical Questions: The Prospects for Nonproliferation in 2013, by Sharon Squassoni; Jan 25, 2013

Report: Nuclear Trade Controls: Minding the Gaps, by Fred McGoldrick; Jan 22, 2013

Critical Questions: Iran's Nuclear Program, by Sharon Squassoni; Nov 9, 2011

Critical Questions: Iran: Carrots and Sticks, by Sharon Squassoni; May 18, 2010

Other Publications

North Korea Doesn’t Actually Want a Nuclear War
By Sharon Squassoni, Fortune. September 12, 2017

How to Get Rid of Nuclear Weapons
By Sharon Squassoni, Teen Vogue. August 17, 2017

Trump Budget Cuts Threaten Global Security
By Irma Arguello, Sharon Squassoni, and Paul Walker. June 13, 2017

A controversial ban and the long game to delegitimize nuclear weapons
By Sharon Squassoni in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. July 11, 2017

A failure in discretion: the meaning of the Trump leak to the Russians
By Sharon Squassoni, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. May 16, 2017

What You Should Know About North Korea and Their Nuclear Weapons Threats
By Sharon Squassoni, Teen Vogue. April 14, 2017

OPINION: Banning the bomb while North Korea builds them?
By Sharon Squassoni, Kyodo News. April 6, 2017

OPINION: Mr. Trump's nuclear challenges
By Sharon Squassoni, Kyodo News. December 2, 2016

East Asia Will Take Trump’s Nuclear Talk Literally and Seriously
By Sharon Squassoni, Foreign Policy. November 18, 2016

OPINION: The threat that won't go away
By Sharon Squassoni, Kyodo News. September 10, 2016

Letter to Secretary Hagel and Secretary Kerry on the Destruction of Syrian Chemical Weapons
Feb 3, 2014.

Washington pushes China to get serious about sanctions
By Sharon Squassoni, Global Times. Aug 9, 2012.


Multilateral/Regional Solutions for Nonproliferation of the Fuel Cycle, Dec 11, 2012

Meeting Governance Challenges: New Directions for US-ROK Fuel Cycle Cooperation, Oct 7-9, 2012

Nuclear Safety and Security in the DPRK, Mar 22, 2012

Controlling Nuclear Proliferation: The Whys and Hows of Technical “Solutions", Oct 4, 2011

Middle East and Nonproliferation: Areas for US-Russian Collaboration, Feb 2-3, 2011