Tracking the political shifts and technical recommendations emerging in the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster


CSIS Publications & Reports

Policy Perspectives: Mitigating the Risks of Spent Nuclear Fuel in Japan, by Yukari Sekiguchi; March 30, 2017

Critical Questions: No Radiation Level Changes Outside the Reactors at Fukushima Daiichi, by Sharon Squassoni and Yukari Sekiguchi; February 10, 2017

Critical Questions: Fukushima Daiichi—Five Years Later, by Sharon Squassoni and Yukari Sekiguchi; March 11, 2016

Policy Perspectives: An Ounce of Nuclear Prevention: A window into Japanese Evacuation Planning for Nuclear Accidents, by Yukari Sekiguchi; January 11, 2016

Report: Japan’s Nuclear Fuel Cycle Futures, by Sharon Squassoni and Robert Kim; Nov 20, 2014

Background Paper: Japanese Nuclear Policy; November 20, 2014 

Policy Perspectives: Politics and Japan's Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant, by Yukari Sekiguchi September 12, 2014

Critical Questions: Fukushima, Three Years Later, by Sharon Squassoni; Mar 11, 2014

Critical Questions: Japanese Nuclear Policy after the 2013 Upper House Elections, by Sharon Squassoni and Ryan Gorman; Jul 24, 2013

Critical Questions: One Year after Fukushima, by Sharon Squassoni and Andrew Noble; May 7, 2012

Policy Perspectives: Nonproliferation, Congress, and Nuclear Trade: Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose, by Jodi Lieberman; Nov 15, 2011

Report: Nuclear Governance after Fukushima - Part of the Global Forecast 2011, by Sharon Squassoni; Jun 15, 2011

Critical Questions: Japanese Nuclear Crisis Continues: An Update, by Sharon Squassoni; Apr 14, 2011

Policy Perspectives: Fukushima: What It Is and Isn’t, by Sharon Squassoni; Mar 24, 2011

Critical Questions: Japanese Nuclear Crisis, by Sharon Squassoni and Jane Nakano; Mar 15, 2011

Interview Series on Japan's Nuclear Fuel Cycle in November, 2014

Other Publications

The Lessons of Fukushima
By Sharon Squassoni, Al Jazeera America. 19 Nov 2013.

Sheer Devastation Reminds Us of Human, Technological Limitations
By Sharon Squassoni, Kyodo News. 8 April 2011.