Space Industrial Base

During the past decade, the United States has experienced an ever-increasing reliance on space in the daily lives of its citizens and, significantly, in national security

The Space Industrial Base project examines U.S. national security and the commercial space sector, with specific focus on the current state of the space launch industry and launch market. Building on a CSIS annotated briefing released in 2008, entitled Health of the U.S. Space Industrial Base and the Impact of Export Controls, the 2010 National Security and the Commercial Space Sector report describes the importance of the commercial space sector to U.S. national security, catalogues several principal concerns regarding commercial access to space, and provides a framework for analyzing options to improve access to launch services.

This project is a vehicle for further discussion of two key issues: the relationship between the national security and the commercial space sector, and the ways in which U.S. policymakers might better manage the nexus between them.