International Defense Cooperation

Extending beyond analysis of U.S. defense trends, DIIG also tracks trends in security cooperation, defense spending, industrial integration, defense policy, and defense industrial base activities with partners including in Europe, Asia and the Pacific

Surges in military spending by potential adversaries in recent years have reshaped the defense landscape, especially as European countries evaluate their responses to Russian aggression and as the United States increases its focus on the INDOPACOM region. As the global security environment faces growing competition, the size and scope of defense spending, defense capabilities, and the defense industrial bases in these regions and others deserve careful attention. Leveraging deep knowledge, quantitative data and regional expertise, DIIG seeks to analyze overall defense trends and bring together experts in conferences to identify opportunities for future U.S. defense cooperation with regional allies and partners. Of particular interest are policies, both in the United States and abroad, that could enable or more often impede such cooperation.