Leveraging Innovation

Understanding the new global innovation ecosystem and its implications for national security, DIIG fosters critical dialogue on how to leverage technology in support of national security

While the United States still holds the leading position in military technology innovation, the gap with the rest of the world is shrinking. Globalization and privatization have expanded supply and information networks, bringing technology to new players while also expanding the part of the global innovation base outside of the Department of Defense’s direct influence. The growing commercial role in military-relevant technology and the speed at which that technology is advancing challenges DoD’s capacity to keep up with the flood of technologies both for its own adoption, and to counter the technologies adopted by adversaries. Pressure on international supply chains and the strategic challenge represented by China has also increased the importance of understanding a range of foundational and emerging technologies. In ongoing speaker series and research reports, DIIG researches new technology areas and seeks to find ways for DoD to look beyond traditional industrial and geographic boundaries and harness cutting-edge technology in a world where innovation is increasingly occurring beyond the scope of government investment.