Consortium Members

The BTR Consortium consists of representatives of international think tanks; scientific, public health, and public safety organizations; universities; and other experts who will remain in close electronic contact and who will come together in three international workshops/conferences. Over a two-year period, the BTR Consortium will build and expand the intellectual underpinnings for biological threat reduction activities and develop the agenda for a global BTR program. Consortium members have been selected on the basis of their analytic capabilities, country- or region-specific expertise, or involvement in key professional communities. Collectively, the Consortium will assess perceptions of the biological threat in different countries and among different professional communities; lay the groundwork for coming to a common understanding of the nature of the threat and for building the basis for collective action against it; conduct "on-the-ground" assessments of policies and programs that are in-place to address the biological threat; and propose new approaches to minimize these threats. The Consortium will publish key findings and recommendations over the duration of the project.