Security Dialogues

The Security Dialogues is a multimedia project intended to foster and facilitate a broad conversation about the U.S. Armed Forces in the future, in their many dimensions. Specific topics include the Ground Forces Dialogue and a Rotorcraft Focus Area.


  • Strategy Roles and Missions - Perspectives on future threats and their implications for the roles and mission of U.S. ground forces.
  • Acquisition and Industrial Base -Perspectives on the acquisition process, industrial base concerns and challenges, and the relationship between the Department of Defense and the private sector in an era of declining defense budgets.
  • US Military Capabilities - Dialogue on future US capabilities, including the integration cyber, robotics, and other technologies, and on maintaining flexibility for lower-priority missions.
  • Foreign Perspectives - International views on future US military capabilities and their role in bilateral, regional, global matters, as well as the relevance of these capabilities in others’ strategic and security decision-making.
  • Other Issues - Views on small foot print approaches, global posture, improving cooperation with key partners, and more . . .