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Military Fellows

Every year senior officers from the United States Armed Forces are in residence at CSIS where they engage in programs of individual enrichment and research as well as collaboration with various CSIS scholars.
The 2020-2021 Military Fellows (l-r rows): (First Row) Lieutenant Colonel Jerry Bennett, Colonel James Cheney, Commander Angelina Hidalgo, (Second Row) Commander Eric McQueen, Lieutenant Colonel Joe Moye, Lieutenant Colonel Tobias Switzer.
The 2019-2020 Military Fellows (l-r standing): Lieutenant Colonel Brian Mulvihill, Lieutenant Colonel Edmund Loughran, Commander Mark McDonnell, Dr. John Hamre, Commander Jeff Benson, Colonel Jason Gresh, Lieutenant Colonel James Dailey.
The 2018-2019 Military Fellows (l-r standing): Lieutenant Colonel Zach Jiron, Lieutenant Colonel Frank Reyes, Lieutenant Colonel William Pacatte, Dr. John Hamre, Lieutenant Colonel Kurt Leffler, Commander Josh Taylor, and Commander Andrew Pate.
The 2017-2018 Military Fellows (l-r standing): Lieutenant Colonel Jason Williams, Colonel Jesse Friedel, Commander Thomas Ulmer, Colonel Brian Pearl, Dr. John Hamre, Lieutenant Colonel Russell Williford, Lieutenant Colonel John Butler, Captain John Cole.

The 2016-2017 Military Fellows (l-r standing): Colonel William Thigpen, Lieutenant Colonel Jeremiah Baldwin, Lieutenant Colonel Henry June Jr., Lieutenant Colonel W.R. Alan Dayton, Dr. John Hamre, Commander Micah Murphy. Not pictured: Captain Thomas Cooper.
The 2015-2016 Military Fellows (l-r standing): Colonel Tracy Onufer, Commander Eric Little, Captain Michael Cribbs, Dr. John Hamre, Colonel Demetrius Walters, Colonel John A. O' Grady. Not pictured: Colonel Peter Farnum, Lieutenant Commander Dennis Jensen.
The 2014-2015 Military Fellows (l-r standing): Colonel Pete Doty, Lieutenant Colonel Mike Faunda, Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Priddy, Dr. John Hamre, Colonel Douglas Cardinale, Lieutenant Commander Mark Lawrence, Captain(s) John Dettleff
The 2013-2014 Military Fellows (l-r standing): Captain Jon Totte, Colonel David Brigham, Lieutenant Colonel Geoffrey Anthony, Dr. John Hamre, Colonel Ethan Griffin, Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Hickman, Commander Robert Ogden, Captain Mark Hooper (not in the picture).
The 2012-2013 Military Fellows (l-r standing): Lieutenant Colonel Curtis Buzzard; Captain Brian Penoyer; Lieutenant Colonel Steven Nicolucci; Colonel Kristin Fisher-Goodwin; Dr. John Hamre; Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Pellegrino; Lieutenant Commander Errol Laumann; Colonel Hui-Chien Lui; Colonel Bryan Cannady.
The 2011-2012 Military Fellows (l-r standing): Colonel Tyrell Chamberlain, Colonel Erik Goepner, Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Bilko, Commander Christopher Hayes, Dr. John Hamre, Dr. Stephen Flanagan, Colonel Walter Rugen, Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Trollinger, Captain Hsiu-Chieh Sung, and Commander Aaron Roth.
The 2010-2011 Military Fellows (l-r standing): Colonel Mark Bennett, Colonel Robert Stanley, Captain Sean Murtagh, Colonel Chun-Chao Ma, Dr. John Hamre, Dr. Stephen Flanagan, Colonel Thomas Heslin, Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Sullivan, Colonel Rick Nussio, and Commander Joshua Himes.
The 2009-2010 Military Fellows (l-r standing): Left to Right: Colonel Ricky Rupp, Colonel Jean-Christophe Noel, Lieutenant Colonel Glenn Guenther, Captain John Griffin, Dr. Stephen Flanagan, Dr. John Hamre, Colonel Jeffrey Vuono, Major Lance Rosa-Miranda, Commander Douglas Fears, and Lieutenant Colonel Donald Dellinger not pictured: Col Chung-Kuei Chen.
The 2008-2009 Military Fellows (l-r standing): Dr. John Hamre, LtCol Tae Yeo, CDR Matthew Sibley, CAPT Jeffrey Maclay, Senator Sam Nunn, Col Kevin Gordey, Capt. Jung-Ping Sun, LtCol Robert Scott. Not Pictured: LTC Robert E. Hamilton and LTC Dennis P. Chapman.
The 2007-2008 Military Fellows (l-r standing): Dr. Stephen J. Flanagan; LTC Tom Russell; LTC Juha Kaitera; LTC Erich Randall; Dr. John Hamre; COL Tim Vuono; CDR John Caplis; COL Jeff Taliaferro; CDR Dan Murphy; LTC Chang Ching Tu.
The 2006-2007 Military Fellows: CAPT Jeffrey Canfield, USN; COL Bernie Gruber, USAF; COL Michael Janser, USA; COL Chin-Yuan Liu, ROC (Taiwan); CDR Joanna Nunan, USCG; LTC Peter Quinn, ARNG; LT COL Stephen Sklenka, USMC LT David Silverman, USN
The 2005-2006 Military Fellows (l-r standing) Col. Michael Melillo, USMC; Lt. Col. George Farfour, USAF; Lt. Col. Matthew Artero, ARNG; Col. Hisen Sheng Li, ROC Army; Comdr. Patrick Little, USCG; Dr. John J. Hamre, President & CEO, CSIS; Col. Yun Sup Kim, ROK Air Force; Capt. Mark Redden, USN; Lt. Col. Ray Bingham, USA.
The 2004-2005 Military Fellows: (l-r standing) Lt. Col. William Stoppel, Capt. Stephen Metruck, Lt. Col. Mike Plehn, Lt. Col. Johnny Strain, CSIS President and CEO Dr. John Hamre, Col. Tzyh-Jian Chang, Col. John Ewers, Capt. Mac Bollman.
The 2003-2004 Military Fellows: (l-r standing) Lt. Comdr. Lance Lescher, Lt. Col. Michael Coss, Lt. Col. Scott Gorske, CSIS President Dr. John Hamre, Capt. Steve Vanderplas, Lt. Col. John K. Love, Col. Hung Chieh Liao, Lt. Col. Jennifer Hesterman.
The 2002-2003 Military Fellows: (l-r standing) Col. Robert McMullin, Lt. Col. Gary Holland, Col. Yung Sheng Chao, Comdr. Stephen Davis, CSIS President Dr. John Hamre, Lt. Col. Tammy Miracle, Lt. Col. Paul Schreiber, Comdr. Brian Kelley.
The 2001-2002 Military Fellows: (l-r standing) Lt. Col. Renwick Payne ANG, Lt. Col. Patrick Kelly USA, Lt. Col. Mark Brilakis USMC, Lt. Col. Kevin McLaughlin USAF and Maj. Robert Bateman USA with CSIS President Dr. John Hamre (seated).