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George C. Marshall Missile Defense Project Advisory Board

The George C. Marshall Missile Defense Project looks at a wide range of policy, program, and strategic issues related to missile defense and missile proliferation. The project's Advisory Board is composed of former government officers and military officials, as well as scholars and business leaders with a serious attention to these issues. The Board periodically meets in Washington D.C. to provide updates on the effort and discuss the direction of the project.


  • Ambassador JD Crouch

  • Ambassador Eric Edelman

  • Lieutenant General (ret.) Richard Formica

  • Mr. Brian Green

  • Mr. Todd Harrison

  • Dr. Peter Hays

  • Dr. Kathleen Hicks (Chair)

  • Ambassador Robert Joseph

  • Rear Admiral (ret.) Archer Macy

  • Brigadier General (ret.) Keith McNamara

  • Dr. Jim Miller

  • Lieutenant General (ret.) Trey Obering

  • Dr. Michael O’Hanlon

  • Dr. Keith Payne

  • Dr. Jana Robinson

  • Mr. Frank A. Rose

  • Mr. Norman Tew

  • Dr. Eric Thoemmes

  • Brigadier General (ret.) Kenneth Todorov